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insaneiknow # Posted on October 19, 2013 at 3:16 am

Hey not sure if im doing this properly, is this where I am supposed to post my questions about the subject mentioned or just reply? Since im new I’ll go for it im 33 and had a nasty opiate habbit for about 7 years, so long story short I got to a good place for me at least being on subutex n 1/2 a bar at night then 7 months ago I made the mistake of getting a gram of molly n shot it now in what feels like a month I realize checking dates its been about 7 months of almost everyday shooting this molly that ive never seen before so here starts my questions molly supposed to look like crystal meth shards?2.anyone know what it actually does to your veins?,I noticed I cant feel pulse anymore. 3.has anyone had (I know sounds crazy sober person noticed it) what feels like soft fingernail type things come out of skin or like a glassy sawdust come out n irritate n itch?4.does iv use of molly have an effect on teeth or is it simply from grinding?5.I thought I felt physical withdrawal when I tried to stop in my head or real? I know to non addict people tha answer is simple STOP, please no remarks on your opinion of what I do I have a worse opinion of myself,thanks guys