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sart living or start dying # Posted on October 31, 2013 at 9:04 am

It is nothing like that, I can now see how the topic title might be misleading, even though this sort of experiences are classified as ego deaths. What happened to me forced me to evaluate my life, and come to terms with inevitable death, the only difference is that I did it “early”. But it seems silly to use the word early, because if we are all going to die, why do we seem to only come to terms with it towards the end? This has been liberating mostly, it does not make living any easier, it just made me understand that this hardship is part of it, it is part of its beauty and of its meaning. And on the theme of meaning, don’t expect a concept so broad that includes abstracts to points we have not come up with ways of thinking of yet to come in any legible sort of way. Many of our adaptations and ways of life tells us that this meaning does not belong to human existence. The only thing that we are meant to grasp is existence as it is, and that alone should reconcile the demon that there is a meaning. But we don’t need that for our humanity.