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Anonymous # Posted on October 31, 2013 at 10:35 am

Hmm, I get it now. I guess. I can relate a bit. The idea of death seemed unbearable to me. But I’ve come to terms with it too. It is liberating, the affliction, the anxiety. I looked forward to that moment with dread. I see it as integral part of existence now. I guess believing in reincarnation and afterlife helps. It helped overcome the ego thing. Maybe I have created another ego, with the idea of a soul. But when I come to think about it, I don’t really comprehend what the soul is. I enjoy it here, without the desperation of inevitable death. If I was to be wrong about reincarnation, it wouldn’t matter anyway. I’ve accepted. I agree it doesn’t make life easier but it made mine a lot simpler when I was able to let go of things, but only then. That was the hardest part. But the freedom afterwards.. Wow!

Keep us informed, hope this experience came to help you.