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nOrthPeace # Posted on October 31, 2013 at 11:18 am

sart living or start dying @antoesguerra,

How many of the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds did you take?

Yes, I had the same experience as you when I took them in 2007. My friend and I were out of weed, so we took these seeds instead. We started with 5 seeds- waited 30 min, and impatiently we tok another 4 seeds. So in total it was 9 seeds in matter of short time. We did not feel any effects the first few hours, only mildly nausea.

However, after 2 hours- these seeds sure kicked it for me, but not my friend. It was such a strange feeling, like my eyes where in the back of my head and my actual eyes where viewed as a “television box” where I observed the world.

After another few hours, I suddenly felt so smart and intelligent- that I was worried that I would not snap out of this (the LSD myth), and I could not see the reason why to get up and work and do everything so repetitive. Eventually I had to lie down on my bed with my eyes closed. I saw myself lying there in the room and suddenly I sort of slowly “zoomed out” (like on Google Maps) and saw the city I was in, the country, Europe, Mother Earth, Milky Way and beyond. And from there on- I had my EGO death. I was so convinced that I was dying, that I called my parents in another country and woke them up 3AM, by telling them that I have taken some weird seeds and I am dying now. I held a gratitude speech and eventually just hang up, as I was so caught in the moment of actually dying. But I accepted my own death rather quick as my then greatest fear was of ending on a crazy house, since I was so smart to see the whole society structure and fearing of having opened a door in my head that I would not be able to close again (again the LSD myth).

I am glad my friend did not get high on it, since my parents were quick to call back and he was able to calm them down.

It has been one of my most profound experiences in life, for sure !