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stormy colt # Posted on October 19, 2013 at 6:28 pm

@zencowboy, Spot on mate. I agree that it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, many have suffered and will continue to suffer due to our own ignorance of our own being. If take the analogy of humanity’s collective consciousness being a single person, we are in our adolescent stage. At the moment we are very ego-centric – governed by ego in all of its manifestations (Fear, power, greed, vanity etc). What he haven’t fully realized yet is that all of these problems we see in the world are an external manifestation of an inner struggle.

The ego is basically our primative mind and it was a useful tool in our evolution; when we were young it told us to run away from that tiger chasing us, it told us to conform to social standards because being higher in the tribal pecking order would increase our chances of finging a mate and passing on our genes. I like to think of the ego as a crying spoiled child that is needs to have power and control over the situation because ultimately it’s scared, whether it realizes it or not.

In the past few thousand years we have evolved exponentially in some ways. With the internet we have a wealth of information at our fingertips, we have the ability to fly to the other side of the world in under a day. We’ve developed theories in many many fields. So far though, we haven’t been able to keep up with ourselves and we are almost a victim of our own success. In creating this civilized world based on social constructs we have lost touch with ourselves. We have evolved to live in small tribes and in this modern world of structure and productivity we have defaulted on this paradigm that society is the meaning of life itself, rather than just a way to make this experience of life a little easier. Humans have survived for millennia without a need for things we see today as necessary. The main examples being material wealth AND communication. It seems counter intuative but language and other forms of communication, while increasing efficiency have also caused less human interaction. Even 20 years ago, before the internet, people had more face-time with each other. (Not to say there is no value in our achievements, but we have emphasized too much on materialism). We aren’t built for this lifestyle – and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because the point of life is to evolve and adapt to change. But as I said there have been drastic changes over a relatively tiny span of time, which we haven’t adapted to YET.

In an island near Japan scientists dropped melons onto the beaches, which deterred the monkeys at first because they were covered in sand. Then, they taught the younger monkeys how to wash the melons before eating them, who then taught their parents how to do the same. After a certain amount of monkeys knew this technique (The figure is arbitrary and unknown so they just called it the hundredth monkey) something very strange happened that they called hitting ‘critical mass’. Monkeys on completely separate islands who’d had no contact with the original monkeys suddenly knew this technique, as if by magic. The hypothesis is that there is some kind of non-physical link between their consciousnesses and this new knowledge was naturally propagated by the species, implying that there is a collective consciousness. If we are all really one connected consciousness (Gaia), then there must be some way of propagating this paradigm shift that humanity needs. And the evidence suggests that there is because people ARE ‘waking up’ all over the world.

Things may appear to be quite dire at the moment in terms of global affairs, but honestly I think we will reach our own critical mass of awareness and pull through it all. Going back to that analogy of us being a single person, this new paradigm will be on par with the enlightenment of Buddha. Imagine a society with all of our technology but free from our own self inflicted prison, where nobody has to work a job they hate just to eat, and we can all focus on propelling ourselves forward and expressing our creativity and potential to its fullest extent. Because believe me, when the circumstances are right people have an incredible ability and willingness to work together. It would literally be a golden age. It won’t happen overnight in terms of our individual lifespans, but in terms of human history it will essentially be overnight.

To many this sounds like a pipe dream or ‘hippie bullshit’ but it’s actually a reality within our grasp. The people who are against it are still living in denial. There is always resistance to change, more so if you’ve been living your life a certain way for a long time. Much like how the younger monkeys taught their elders the new ways, I feel like it’ll be the younger generation that will change the minds of the old, and I feel privileged to be a part of that generation. It will not happen by itself but like I said, I think Gaia (Whether an actual deity or just a metaphor) will find a way to pull us through.

Anyway, this post ended up being quite a bit longer than I’d anticipated and I don’t know how many people will read it, but if you’ve read this far then I wish you all the best, and whatever happens, just remember as Bill Hicks said, “IT’S ALL A RIDE.”