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Josh # Posted on October 22, 2013 at 6:33 am

@stormy-colt, quantum physics blows my mind haha.

I have to try and digest all that you said, but as I was reading I couldnt help but think of something that always is in my mind in regards to our effect on the world by being in one place versus another. Let me explain, its simple…

Say for example you were supposed to go to a baseball game to see your favorite team play their rivals. For whatever reason you arent able to make it to the game so you have to stay home and watch it. A homerun ends up being hit to the same spot you were supposed to sit. You cant help but wonder “If I were there would that ball still have been hit there”? To me this relates some to the theory of different results occurring because of the observer.

Another better example but one that is more grim is say you were supposed to be in a car heading somewhere with some friends and for whatever reason you cannot go. They end up getting arrested after getting pulled over and having drugs in the car or something. You cant help but think maybe if I was in the car that woldnt have happened because I would have been driving or I would have told the driver to slow down.

Do you feel these scenarios have some relevance to this quantum theory?