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Ellie # Posted on October 30, 2013 at 4:43 am

@eveyt, hey, I definitely fit the profile too. Strong emotions, especially anger affect me a lot. I get anxious and upset usually, but last time I encountered someone getting really pissed over nothing, it did not bother me as much. I was able to keep a light hearted disposition towards it. I think I just saw it more in an objective way, realizing that that was the way they chose to express themselves in that moment and they have the complete right to do that. I saw clearly the futility of their irritation and it actually helped me. If this would have happened 6 months or a year ago my mood would have done a complete 180, I Would have been an anxious upset and tense mess immediately afterwards, because I would have absorbed their vibe and taken it on as mine.. especially since I was in a small space with them with no way to get out(car). Taking on the vibe someone else puts out is not necessary. For people who are sad it’s really difficult too, but it helps to just see these types of emotions as inevitable and do exactly as we should do with our own emotions, accept them and let them pass through us. We will still feel them but we don’t need to dwell.