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Anonymous # Posted on August 8, 2012 at 9:23 pm

The best way I’ve ever heard this put, and forgive me if it isn’t correct or an apt description, I’m not sure I fully understand or believe the concept. But, it’s like looking through a hole in a fence, you get a very limited view of what’s on the other side. Then it’s like a snake slithering by, from your vantage point all you see is the head, but it’s not as if the head is the only thing that exists, you know that attached to that head is a body of whatever length and at the end is the tail, but you can’t see the body until after the head passes and the tail until after that. In that scenario I guess the snake is like time, and the hole in the fence is our existence, meaning that our existence is just our window into this universe, and it’s very limited. Even if we can’t see all that’s out there it’s still there, we’re just looking through a very tiny hole.