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JonH # Posted on October 27, 2013 at 7:07 pm

@helenz, Mine was very demanding, it really took a toll on me. It was coupled with light psychosis and stress. With nobody really to talk to at the time, I took to forums to express myself and try to get some help and support.

It took me a year to really make myself believe I could over come it, and to figure out it wasn’t really an issue. There were so many “Eureka!” moments about what was actually going on, but the feeling persisted anyway. (That was the most trouble, logically knowing nothing is wrong, but having this FEELING of some type of illness).

I would just make sure you set yourself a bedtime, that was my actual turn-around.

How I eventually ‘overcame it’ though is;
1. I realized that it was just a perspective. That it was real, and ignoring it wouldn’t remove it, but that it was only one part of the whole. For how negative it made everything, I realized that there was always a positive light to all, sometimes unable to be gripped, but sometimes I could just REALIZE happiness and contentedness and it would come.

2. I started researching how to make myself happy. Smiling begets happiness, AND vice versa, so I started waking up and smiling every morning – forcing it. This would be followed by an opening of the arms, as if feeling the breeze. Smiling, and making the body as open as possible trigger the brain to release endorphins, and contrary to popular belief, this is true happiness… Even if triggered by the own self.

3. Meditation. I would meditate the verse, and feel it in my bones; “Everyone deserves my love”. This resonated more than any other meditation I’ve done, and really helped me become a nicer human being.

4. Bed time, slowed with cannabis, removed the urge to drink every weekend.

5. Nature. Respecting and admiring nature (the physical and immaterial) for the beautiful enigma it is centered me.