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Conner J. # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 8:57 pm

@twisted-equilibrium, I believe you’ve realized that you’re God. You’re not different, no one is objectively. Subjectively within the human experience, you are different than I. But yet even so, aren’t we the same? We have the same functioning vehicles, same proteins and enzymes, and the same chemistry that allows us the experience. I once too had a moment when I stood before a mirror, and within my eyes I saw myself as the rest of life itself. Instantaneously, I became more aware of this coded paradigm in which we all exist. . . only then I realized that in which we exist, we are as well. When you look into people’s eyes, especially when through love, you see the universe expand. We are just stuff, waking to see that stuff within the stuff. Collectively you have existence. I’ve always loved eyes, and I’ve forgotten how much so until I stumbled upon this.