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Jessica Vannette # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 5:35 pm

i think first impressions can either make or break someone. if you’re lucky enough, with time, you are able to salvage a relationship after a bad first impression. if you’re not so lucky, a bad first impression can make someone only see that side, and not be open to getting to know anything else about you.

just a funny bad first impression i’ve given: i went to germany for a student exchange trip. my host family’s dad is away for the weekdays for work and comes back on weekends. well, since the drinking age in germany is 16, i was able to go out drinking with all of my friends there one weeknight. when i got home i was so pissed drunk that i accidentally broke a towel holder and knocked over a fan making a ton of noise. the next morning i walk downstairs and see my host dad sitting at the table; he had gotten back from his business trip early. the first thing he asked me was, how did my head feel?