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inna # Posted on October 18, 2013 at 9:05 pm

Narrow down on what you like to photograph, figure out your photography niche and then see if there is a luxury market for that. If not, my advice for creative careers is don’t become a cartoonist because its profitable if you really just wanted to paint realistic nudes. My other two cents is you may want to look into a job you enjoy, that doesn’t feel stressful to you, and that has a part time nature to begin with… perhaps something that requires you to travel a lot. Traveling can marry a photographer very merrily, in my opinion. Talk to someone that works that job.

Also, there are some talented photographers (or artists) that are making a living, and then there is a talented plethora that are working another job while begging a friend of a friend to be their wedding photographer for 80% less of original cost they would charge because they’re extremely broke. What separates them is marketing yourself. There are a lot of resources online that will break this down for you if you are interested in that too. Stock photos and trying to get picked up won’t generate considerable income by itself, and besides being a businessman of your craft you’d also need to show a strong stand-apart characteristic that publishers will look for. Basically, I’m talking about your niche again.