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Anonymous # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 2:31 am

Personally, I wouldn’t take it. My life is nothing special. Like too many others I suffer from depression, and constant headaches. I was also recently diagnosed with Psychosis. None of which I’m proud to admit. Yet to this day I regret no decision that I have ever made, even though I know exactly which decisions got me my diagnosis’.

I know what I know now because of these things. I feel like I have a deep understanding of the universe and what I consider “god” because of life experiences including, but not limited to the drugs I’ve taken, and the people they’ve lead me to meet.

I joined the US military 3 years ago and although I’ve hated many more days than I enjoyed, I learned so much about myself and how human beings operate. I wouldn’t be anything even remotely similar to what I am today, which is something I can truly call my own. Something which I’ve knowingly created, and which I have the power to change on a whim.

If you can’t get over a regret, then be a teacher. Help those around you understand why you think they shouldn’t do some of the things that you have done. Use your knowledge for good, because letting it bring you down is only destroying yourself. Don’t die with regret, live with experience.