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Seany-Bo # Posted on August 9, 2012 at 10:41 pm

If you both believe in luck and believe that at some moment you are lucky, then you’re more likely to go through your day in a more observant fashion and likely to both notice and seize the opportunities that are there. Those things would still have been there if you believed in bad luck but you wouldn’t be looking around and grabbing them. In fact, even if you do see them, the belief in bad luck might make you pass things you want deliberately because you think you have no chance.

Early one morning, walking home I found a £20 note on the street and picked it up. I said to myself, “That was lucky!”. As I kept walking, over the distance of about half a kilometre, I found more money lying in different places (one of which I shamefully liberated reaching through through someone’s garden fence). In total it came to around £50. It wasn’t a run of good luck after good luck, some poor guy likely had a hole in his pocket or was drunkenly staggering the same route earlier leaking his belongings. Its unlikely I would have found the rest if I hadn’t found the first – I don’t eyeball people’s lawns for treasure on a normal day – but by straightening myself up and deciding stuff all around me might just fall into my lap, I searched out what could be there and took it.

Remove the metaphysical. Understand the mode that your mind goes in to (alert, more likely to take chances outside your normal comfort) and try to force yourself into it, rather than waiting for it as a magical state that happens to you at random or is granted by charms or supernatural forces. If you can do that every day, then you’ll never have bad luck in theory. I can’t vouch for practice, its very hard to convince yourself in to that state sometimes.