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Anonymous # Posted on October 20, 2013 at 7:15 pm


Your comment reeks of pessimism. Nothing is really unobtainable and once we acknowledge that the world will be such a better place. You talk about what one can achieve when for some people just eating a meal would be a great achievement.
Also for some reason i’m getting the idea people think this is about being a celebrity, please don’t chastise my sister. I asked you guy’s what you’re dreams are. It doesn’t matter what they are. It’s just life if you chose be a celebrity or a scientist It doesn’t matter to me.

The funny part is there is no guarantee in life people have plenty of reasonable and humble dreams they may never achieve. Dreams are all the same it really makes you wonder what’s the point. If you can’t have what you want while others can.

Why does it seem we are so powerless in achieving what we truly desire, To me this is the ultimate lie. Some people would have you believe the purpose of life is accepting what you can’t have/do. But nothing on this earth was placed here without a reason, we could al possibly have what we dream but i don’t think anyone really wants what i call the burden of the Sun and the moon, to live in perfect balance. Being relied upon.

When she asked if you could be doing what you wanted right now what would you be doing. I think she meant “would you?” If you could really have what you wanted, would you?

this correlates with a quote a read earlier “What you need will come to you, if you do not ask for what you do not need.”