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Josh # Posted on October 22, 2013 at 7:23 am

@shomari, I have to say that I am content right now, and I am also happy, but I also feel that I would rather be living the lifestyle of a musician than anything right now. Not a famous musician, not someone with millions and millions of dollars, but a part of the reggae scene, small time band on the come up. I want to be a songwriter/guitarist for the band and I want to travel the country, live out of hotels and the van with some of my closest friends. I probably should have had this dream 10 years ago lol.

Back to my real life though, I work at home (my job is boring as fuck and very monotonous) but since I work at home I dont have to deal with an asshole boss, and I can work in my pajamas all day instead of having to shave daily, put on a suit and suck up to someone (epitome of my previous job). So theres are those pros and cons. To add to it, my girl can work anywhere in the country for her job (3 months at a time) so we are traveling. Now were in MD and headed out to Colorado in 2 weeks.

So I think we all have parts of our lives that make us happy, parts that we just deal with for one reason or another and then some parts that we dislike. The point is to minimize/eliminate the parts you dont like and increase the things you do love that make you happy.