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fucksake # Posted on October 21, 2013 at 11:58 am

@exohidk, What most people dont realise about MDMA is that it is a psychedelic as well……

Yes of course if you surround yourself with bad vibes you will have a negative time .. this is partly the reason i only do mdma at my house with only close friends, i dont like my vibe ruined by assholes .

You were scared for your friends life and obviously that will affect your trip. i’ve had a bad time on a variety of different drugs, but next time just make sure everything is okay , stay positive, laugh and stay calm. when your friend is in trouble and you panic it makes it worse.

When i vomit or feel like im going to die, i just laugh and my friends stay positive and just make fun of the situation , even when i am puking everywhere i just laugh. you should do the same.

Do not mix mdma with alcohol if you are inexperienced, or other drugs. drink water. stay safe and happy. Definitely try it again , a bad experience is often good as it can teach you a lot about the drug and you can understand yourself more.