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James Veritas # Posted on October 17, 2013 at 7:23 pm

I have been talking to a few members, and both brought up valid points. One mentioned “the ideas people have here, the ideas that people post, are only being posted to get it out there”.. I judge someone off what they aspire to do, not the mistakes or victories of their past. How many HEthens walk the line of their beliefs? Far too few.

Another said.. “I think I may back off the discussions for a while (people don’t seem to respond as much anyway) and instead stay on the lookout for like minded folks I can talk to in private messages or outside of this site.

One thing that makes me wanna stick around is hoping I’ll meet conscious people near me.” We need simple updates, which I have no doubt are already in the works, we need a “facebook” chat feature, where you can see a discussion going on, find someone you want to connect or interrogate, and be able to one on one chat, while the iron is still hot, without derailing the conversation from the main point. While some would see this as a reduction to the thread, missing some of the essence of the thread for others to build on, I see it as streamlining and being able to make a real connection. I cannot say how many times I have wanted to send a personal message, only to continue reading the thread and forget exactly what I wanted to ask.