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Bryan # Posted on October 29, 2013 at 10:14 pm

@mc-prtk, I couldn’t say when, where, why the subject of “hope” became “clear” to me…just that now, when I say the word or hear it used, I no longer accept it as in any way positive or encouraging…it sounds to me just weak and wishful…and really I think that IS what is being expressed. The only time “hope” might be a useful idea or emotion is in a condition where a person is completely powerless…so I suppose it is a suitable substitute for hopelessness…better to feel the illusion of hope and it’s optimism than the devastating negativity of hopelessness. Still, in my experience what seems true is that if you pass through hopelessness, what follows, if you don’t panic and grab onto “hope” to keep yourself afloat…what follows is a more honest and real recognition of what is needed to accomplish your goal and the realization of exactly WHO is responsible for making it happen…