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Ben # Posted on October 18, 2013 at 10:16 am

@hybridext, you just need to eat a twix and take a nap. I reject your tomfoolery

welcome welcome @higherprimate563, it may help to emphasize how unique this “journey” is to you. It consists in you entertaining all the possibilities you can think of, seeing how you would react to certain situations, how you feel about them, etc. And how you feel is often what makes the thing worth thinking about, like your religious beliefs. For instance, while an individual may feel a strong, sad loss from seeing the truth and giving up their religion, the clarity that follow can be exhilarating and fuuull of dopamine. And consider if you hadn’t questioned your religion…so many missed thoughts. So the point is to doubt and entertain all possibilities.

Receiving stories is also a great way to get thinking material. With good works you can get completely new perspectives, and get a peek into someone else’s mind. And that brings about a whole slew of changes and thoughts in you. If it’s good. That’s the whole reason I write fiction, to show people themselves, and myself, by having them entertain possibilities they might not have thought of. And this also works for my personal growth, as I imagine this crazy murder scene, and what I would do in it. If someone doesn’t imagine such a thing on their own, I do it for them.

Also, while this world is indeed terribly sad, cynicism has you forget that everyone has an equal opportunity to be generous and so on, or not. The way our minds work, it’s most healthy to accept the truth. And the truth is not that our world is full of selfish ***ks, but that our world is suffused with suffering and death. Many people don’t comprehend their own mortality until they’re almost gone. If you need a question, that one won’t disappoint.