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Josh # Posted on October 18, 2013 at 10:57 am

@hybridext, yea “bro”, just like dude, guy, man, asshole, whatever. Its a way of addressing someone.

Oh you want to say something @beyond, The other guy that is constantly putting people down and being negative and talking shit. Maybe its you 2 that are putting up fronts to seem like bad asses or to try and not show your weaknesses. Grow the fuck up.

“Yo dude, let us not tolerate anything that hurts us and never learn we shouldn’t be affected by it, cause goo goo ga ga.” I tolerate a lot and learn daily, i have been tolerating you since you joined and started posting. Where you came up with shit I dont know.

And when referring to me and @spaceghost, saying we put up a front because we want to stay the same. I am pretty sure everyone here has made extreme changes with themselves, or theyre working on it so dont make such an ignorant statement.

And yea Good Vibes, like positive vibrations, good intentions etc. Vibrations is something we all give off, and you flood this site with bad vibes.

BTW this is the negativity I was referring to. “@filipek, Oh fuck off, you’re a real cunt, you know that? What’s up with this poxy business jargon?”

So maybe you both need to look in the mirror and within yourself before you start judging and talking shit to and about others.