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Anonymous # Posted on October 18, 2013 at 11:21 am

@reinvented2012, That other guy is putting you down, because you let him put you down and he wasn’t even talking to you. Do you even realize how fucking ridiculous this is?

And I’m not going to lie. “You just lashed out at someone who generally has great insight and is helpful on this site.” I puked when I read that.

Now, addressing the problem, actually, because it is fair to share why @hybridext was so annoyed and responded impulsively, yet I understood right away.

First of all, @filipek is not helping anyone. He really wants idiots to believe he is, but he isn’t. Just today I clicked on some discussion about music to check out what is this member sharing and that guy, Filip told the member everyone should post music at the same thread, even though there’s a category on the forum called Creative Corner that should allow everyone to post their own creativity without being redirected to one thread that no one will even bother to read, because all this awesome stuff is looking like spam now. It’s just stupid.

What the fuck, seriously?

“I tolerate a lot and learn daily, i have been tolerating you since you joined and started posting.”

I joined January 2012. You seem to have joined October 2012.

I can’t believe this.