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lifegamer # Posted on October 18, 2013 at 5:33 am

@higherprimate563, Got yourself in a bit of a rut, aye? Lookin’ for a higher high? Ever thought of challenging your fears? Few things of Life here are more exhilarating than a true, ever-available, Adrenaline Rush…Makes one Amazed, & feels Amazing. And, as human, there is little lack of fears to be challenged, is there? Plus, it’s freeing (vs. rutting) to do!

Save up & take a sky-dive…You will surely See Life differently when you return to ground level, but the ‘high’ pounds in your chest every time you recall the adventure! Then move onto parasailing…A high-fly no drug could help you imagine! No thing gets one’s socks rockin’ like looking Death in it’s face, stepping off the cliff with your ‘wings’, yellin’, “Not today, Baby!”

That’s just one suggest, Darlin’…you gots yer own creative imagination to take to yer own level(s)…Rock on with yer bad Self! Invest in the fun of throwing your fears into fits!
I wish you no less than Amazing…and Welcome to the boards, btw! :D