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TheSkaFish # Posted on June 3, 2012 at 9:56 pm

@humanexplorer, right on.

“Second, I really dislike how money has shaped today’s culture. It promotes materialistic values, status, and image. As a small example, even the music industry today is saturated by music whose lyrics promote physical and materialistic values. Why? Because if you are materialistic person, that means you buy more stuff, which means you spend more money. Which is good thing in our economic system: a society of materialistic consumers means a thriving economy.

Money also discourages legitimate progress. This is the reason why we dont have a mainstream source of free energy, because free energy cannot be metered and regulated. Same with transportation. We don’t have cars that run completely on water, electricity, or hydrogen because petroleum and coal make billions upon billions of dollars. This is also the reason why pharmaceutical companies and the medical field don’t want to cure disease, but instead manufacture pills and treatments to just relieve the symptoms so that you have to keep buying them over and over, spending more and more money.”

Why do I hate money? First off, this ^. Secondly, I hate it because it forces you to spend most of your life doing what other people want you to do instead of what you want you to do. Why do we go to school? So that we can go to college. Why do we go to college? So we can get jobs and spend a huge chunk of our lives serving other people instead of doing what we really want to do, and since the competition is so rife you really can’t stop and think about what choices are best for you. Even if you manage to be debt free, it’s like a river that just sweeps you away. One of the biggest things that drives me nuts about this is that when I finished high school, I had to go straight to college before I had any freakin’ clue what I wanted out of life, or what any job is really like, so I got stuck in a major that I thought was ok based on sheer guessing, and sure enough it wasn’t right for me at all. Money turns our whole lives into an assembly line, you most likely will never even know all the choices that are available, if you stopped to look, another poor fool will just take your spot. Also, debt as a means of control. Suckers are so happy when they have jobs these days, but realistically, you can never really afford anything nice without having to use credit.