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Anonymous # Posted on June 4, 2012 at 6:46 pm

Okay, @sirensetmefree, as someone who sincerely supports transgendered and any of the LGBT community, I still say you portrayed an extremely good case for your point. But the thing that I’d like to question you about is, how do you argue against the science of injecting hormones and how they have affected people who choose to transition?

Naturally stereotypes don’t appear out of nowhere. Stereotypes, while being horrible things, are or were at some point visible and common enough to arise as something that people can refer to and be understood by most other people. This obviously includes gender-role-specific behavior. Noting a trend is not necessarily harmful, it’s when people start referring to stereotypes in a negative way that it becomes really sexist.

Transgendered people who decide to transition often start off by taking shots of the opposite sex’s “hormone”. This is decided by the doctor based off of scientific research where the female sex has a higher concentration of estrogen (and compelling certain characteristic trends of being “feminine”) and the male sex has a higher concentration of testosterone. Both genders have both hormones, but a different ratio, allegedly compelling them to act more in such ways. When transgendered people start taking the opposite sex’s “hormone”, they very often have undesirable reactions. Women (administering testosterone) have reported being more irritable and short-tempered and soon grow facial hair and have an easier time building visible muscle, etc. Men (shooting estrogen) have reported having emotional outbursts in situations where they originally would have reacted completely different. Obviously this is because they are getting high doses of something they aren’t used to having, but that’s exactly my point.

A person can’t just say gender-role-specific things are purely social constructs and leave it at that, that’s stupid. That’s why the personality is such an interesting and dynamic thing. It’s impossible to tell where one ends and another begins, but you can’t ignore nature vs. nurture.

Women historically and biologically have more fat deposits and curvature to support a bouncing baby that will be gestated and then pushed out. Men have straight bodies because they’re not the ones squeezing out pups, they were the ones gathering berries and hunting game. I’m not saying that everything is science-based, but there has been since the beginning of time tendencies of certain genders that heavily suggest that certain behavior is natural. It’s not social construct that mama bear coddles the cubs at home.

Of course we as human beings are above lots of “animal constructs”, and of course it’s easy to argue that not all women have more estrogen than testosterone, not all women are hour-glass figures, etc. There are always exceptions, and with there being more people on earth than ever of course the exceptions will grow. People will detach themselves from natural instinct more.

But we can’t deny that stereotypes exist for a reason. Maybe it’s a mixture of people are genetically more inclined to “feel” like a gender, and others have been more influenced by traumatic events in their life. Some transgendered males have reported feeling the “maternal” instinct since birth, the “need” to carry children within their bodies, and although they cant ever truly give birth, being a woman is the closest they can get.

I’m not trying to argue with you, I’m sincerely interested in what your view is on this because you made me have a new perspective on the transgender community. Honestly, the bottom line is they can do whatever they damn well please and changing gender is not the “easy way out” – very little insurance covers that sort of surgery and it costs a LOT of money. They’re really committed to sex change, cause by the time they’ve officially been considered the opposite sex they’ve been still considered what they were born as even after years of hormone treatments and money put into this endeavor. This is something that is incredibly real to them and they will always put up with a bad rap. They must be serious about this if they decide to do it even after what will follow them possibly for life – a lot of hate and misunderstanding.
Either way, I’m interested in your take on this.