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Anonymous # Posted on June 4, 2012 at 8:29 pm

@sirensetmefree, I apologize, I don’t want you to misunderstand me. What I pointed out were references for my argument. I’m not saying we should support the gender roles people have created, nor stereotypes, etc, but what I’m saying is that this natural tendencies to act like “women” and act like “men” are not completely fished out. It would be naive to say that we have evolved past that, because obviously we have not. I am 100% certain the gender roles we have created for ourselves based off of early trends have made us dig our own hole, because we are now so comfortable constantly going back to this that we have reinforced the gender roles on ourselves that we in society don’t really need anymore. (Although, in general, it is still not inaccurate to say that men are stronger physically than women, or it is easier for them to be anyway.) I am very into equality for all (and I mean real equality.) I’m just saying, this natural tendency to act certain ways is probably not all a social construct, and it is frustrating that people use that as an excuse to both conform and rebel against it when natural things like hormones still affect us.

I wasn’t doubting your fairness of opinion, I was mostly wondering how you feel in regards to things like hormones and how you think this, scientifically, could or could not be used as a valid argument for what it is that bothers you about transgenders based on your knowledge (or specifically, the why about transgenders.)

Hopefully this taking you off guard was not a bad thing, I just didn’t see anybody else thrusting this idea in there and thought I would share.