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Cody # Posted on October 31, 2013 at 2:00 am

@notexceling, you’re translating math into your own parameters and using that as a model for the universe. But things don’t work that way. (100) is not the same thing as 100%. You can’t add a number to a percent. 1 + (100) in the way you mean it would just be 100% + 100% (200%). You can’t just drop the % and call it infinite.

I’d also like to think our math is pretty naive. No doubt there is other life out there; I would hope at least some of it is intelligent, perhaps even more intelligent than us. But how much do you want to bet their mathematics aren’t based on 10’s. Aztecs did some pretty amazing mathematical equations to calculate their calendars and they were working off a base-20 system. There’s lot’s of different ways to interpret numbers and even if our system is working well for Earth, I wouldn’t go so far to say it explains the universe or infinity.