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James # Posted on June 5, 2012 at 6:35 am

i highly suggest trying equal parts dry oats and applesauce (all natural of course with no sugar added), just mix together and don’t cook it. It has saved my life, its soooooo cheap and extremely good for your body. I eat it everyday.

My favorite “MacGyver” meal is a hearty homemade salsa. Simply; one can drained black beans, one can drained corn, and one can(or fresh) diced tomatoes (maybe some diced red onion, you can add many other things to it but those are the basics). You can eat it with your hand, a spoon, or chips. And its also really cheap and extremely good for you!

For a camping/backpacking meal; quarter cup dry couscous, quarter cup dry oats, quarter cup dried cranberries, tablespoon of sugar, and quarter cup of almonds. Just add hot water and you have an awesome breakfast full of good shit! that meal will keep you going all day

Happy eating