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Matthew # Posted on January 23, 2013 at 7:46 pm

Thats the thing, the force of gravity doesnt travel… It remains in the field of the matter its attached to..

Also, several physicists still retain that neutrinos move faster than light. I have heard about the testing flaws, but it hasnt been completely proven or disproven either way, so we’ll say “the jury is still out” to quote George W Bush..

Maybe we will prove Einstein wrong and discover that things can move faster than light, which would mean theoretically that gravity could as well, but until such a time, we will say that the speed of light is essentially the “top speed” of physics..

And yes the gravity of the sun retains us in orbit, I’m just saying, if that gravity were to suddenly disappear, we as humans on earth, wouldnt be able to perceive it.. We would just be able to perceive the temperature dropping as the planet was flung out into open space..