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yoinkie # Posted on January 24, 2013 at 11:20 am

@ijesuschrist, “you bent space, you didn’t exceed the speed of light.”

Speed? Whos talking about speed? I didnt mention speed. I thought we were discussing travel. If me and a bolt of light(hypothetical here, dont jump on me) left point A at the same time and I used some sort of device that allowed me to bend time space, and I reached point B faster then the bolt of light, I can safely say I traveled faster then light.

And maybe I will pick up another book, maybe something with quotes by Einstein. Oh heres one right now, “If you cant explain anything clearly and without sarcasm to a five year old, you dont know it well enough.” Why do you feel the need to use sarcasm so much in an otherwise easy going science debate? If you feel like you know something to far more detail then anyone else, thats ok, its still ok for you to ponder other thoughts and explain your point of view without using such things as sarcasm. Come on man, maybe you should pick up “how to debate 101” book.