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Alex # Posted on January 24, 2013 at 6:01 pm

So if I had a degree itd make everything I said more probable? Thats a bit foolish. I get your points @ijesuschrist, but its a two way street. People are way too hesitant to question science. Logic is as broken a system as any other is. If this were a site designed for scientists to debate, I’m sure the conversation would go a bit differently, but that being said, it isn’t. If you get so frustrated from it, then why do you feel the need to keep repeating yourself and including yourself in the conversations? Ego trip maybe?

Like I said, talking about it leads to understanding. I’m sure Einstein himself was able to ‘perfect’ his theory because people were debating him on everything, every step of the way, correct? He probably had a wrong impression on some things at first, until he discussed it and realized the nature behind it.

‘But we have not observed this, ever, at all, anywhere, under any circumstances. We have, however, observed that gravity seems to act at the speed of light.’

How many people do you know, have ever been completely released of any gravitational pull? On the other side, if you were without gravity, you can’t really compare light to it, because you have no gravity basis. It was mentioned earlier in this thread that gravity works as a field. The theoretical in the OP was the speed at which this field is created. As if something just ‘showed up’ right here in front of me. This is improbable yes, and we’ve never seen anything like it happen, but if we could logically figure that out, perhaps there is greater things to be understood from it. Don’t be so all-knowing, you might learn something.

‘Sure, maybe you’d find some ponies too. Maybe Heaven is in a black hole. These are insanely improbable, and nothing leads us to believe this except being high and speculating about things.’

You should read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy for just a littler refresher to how improbable things can really be quite important. Sure, its fictional, but what they say is important. Stop thinking so goddamn linear.

“totally possible in the realm of pure mathematics, but probably not in reality”
So in this case, how do you personally define which mathematics to toss, and which ones to keep to explain reality?