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Anonymous # Posted on January 24, 2013 at 6:15 pm

@hollowinfinity, If you had a degree you wouldn’t be asking these questions – you’d already know the answer.

” If you get so frustrated from it, then why do you feel the need to keep repeating yourself and including yourself in the conversations? Ego trip maybe?”

Partly ego, yeah, but more so it bothers me more so when two pseudoscience-majors meet and then become absolutely entwined in an idea that has no logical sense in reality. So I here I am, trying to maximize my comfort and minimize my pain.

“How many people do you know, have ever been completely released of any gravitational pull?”
Why is this necessary at all? When something moves, explodes, or decays, you can see the action of the change in gravitational force from that.

“So in this case, how do you personally define which mathematics to toss, and which ones to keep to explain reality?”

Because we don’t have any matter than can bend space-time in the geometry needed for that device to work. Not to mention it would probably kill you inside. After a while of reading research done on actual verifiable experiments in reality, those done in mathematics, and those that are just ideas, you can sift through which to give any weight…

If you’re interested in this stuff, why not read a book on it. A “real” “linear” thinking book, so at least you get all sides of the story, without dismissing a side you aren’t even fully familiar with?

I used to be all anti-science too. And I told myself, well fuck it I’ll educate myself on it so I understand what is actually wrong with it. Then I learned. Then I became humbled by the great minds before me.

@versai, What is your point of the little girl? She used “dead men’s” ideas to get to where to her claim, and not only that, the idea pre-dates her by 10 years, if not more. It wasn’t “new” it just seemed new because a little girl came up with it.

Amazing but I don’t see the point you’re trying to make.