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Anonymous # Posted on June 3, 2012 at 8:20 pm

@leftylefty, I totally agree that we should respect and try to preserve distinct cultures. Cultures would survive a non-nationalist world, at least for quite away. Either way many will be swallowed by the gulf of time. I hope humans can preserve their cultures, and view those of other cultures as brothers and fellow citizens of the earth. The point is transcending tribal antagonism is much more important then losing a few customs. I have also traveled, as a matter of fact I love and respect my own unique culture ( Villcamba Tribe, Ecuador, Andes Mountains). But I see members of my culture and others, fall prey to exploitation. Many work for dollars a week, while you or I might bitcht about high taxes, from our recliners. The point is while their culture is important, engineering a better world is even more so. Because its not just human life at stake, but potentially all life.