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Mr. Arbiter # Posted on August 10, 2012 at 6:45 am

Let’s see, I just quit smoking myself and it was pretty easy. My mother seems to think I have a super addictive personality because I get really into my fleeting passions, but truthfully I’m not easy addicted to substances. Anyway, I realized tobacco was bad for my spiritual health so I thought I’d stop. And that was it. I’ve found that, if you can put yourself in a position where cigarettes are never around you, then after a week you will stop getting the urge at odd hours. Even for me, if a friend shows up and pulls out a cig, I have trouble resisting the urge to bum one. But just ask the people you are close to not to smoke when you’re around, or even let you know they are going out for a smoke, or whatever. Without external reminders, the internal craving disappears. Hope this helps.