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TheSkaFish # Posted on October 30, 2013 at 1:14 pm

@gracyfacey719, well, look at it this way – how many times have you believed something, only for it to be proven wrong? For me it’s happened more times than i can count. You think that you aren’t good looking, but you don’t really KNOW that, and like you said, others have said that you are indeed good-looking. So what if your self-perception was wrong, and they are right? Also, I had the bullying issue as well at around the same age. It was pretty bad and for a while it caused an inferiority complex in me, until I forgave myself for it happening. I realized it happened because I didn’t know what to do about it back then, I didn’t know any better than to believe it. But now I’ve learned my lesson, forgiven myself for my inexperience, and can now confidently say no one will bully me again.

Besides, the older I get the more I realize looks are rarely the issue. I used to think I was weird-looking and ugly, but saw what I believed to be stranger looking people than me finding someone with much less difficulty. Another thing that happened was that I actually started grooming myself – the change is like night and day. Personally, for example, I feel like I look a million times more handsome when I comb my hair and shave than when I don’t. I am confident in my looks when I put effort into making myself look good.