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Jayyrod1 # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 3:24 pm

@freedem I don’t believe marijuana is a mind numbing drug. Weed opens your mind and doesn’t close it, like alcohol.
It may allow one insights and can shatter beliefs as well. Like any pyscho-substance it increases mental stimulation for better, or worse. Personally, I suffer from chronic anxiety. Ganja releases the mental tensions and allows me to recognize what makes me anxious and to not react to it. For many I know, smoking herb increases their anxiety. Sometimes causing extreme distress or panic attacks.

Marijuana in the medical field is becoming very popular. As a natural substance it can provide many people relief without subjecting them to the side effects of prescription drugs i.e. addiction.
I think that’s amazing!

My experience is through meditation and philosophical conversation. Smoking allows me to literally put myself in someone else’s shoes or in a train of thought and allows me to see it from that point of view, correlating it in to my own view, and finding the similarities and differences of many world views.