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Deepak # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 4:46 pm

I have only had it 2-3 times, so do not have much experience. But I keenly noticed every sensation and feeling during the experience and the after effects of it. During the intoxication – lasting for around 3 hours, the perception alteration is very very intriguing and fantastic at times. But once the effect wears off, I become listless and seem to lose a lot of motivation/drive for the next 2 days. This refractory period probably gets shorter if you do it more regularly. Also, I have heard that with frequent use, your memory is affected. Personally, I would like to have weed at a frequency of around twice a month.

Here are some of my suggestions:
– Try to limit the frequency of smoking to once a week
– Do it only when you really feel like it
– Before your weed session, try to set an intention about what you hope to experience or open up to. For example: I am going to meditate on it non-stop for 1 hour and completely stay aware throughout the experience OR I want to hear my favorite playlist of songs (make a playlist :)) and try to perceive every single instrument, vocals and find meaning in them OR I am going to walk in nature and try to see profound metaphors OR I am going to watch this movie (choose a good movie) and lose myself into its story/characters OR I am going to relax and have open chats with my friends etc.