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Anonymous # Posted on October 30, 2013 at 5:02 pm

@chadbeland, Hey!!

I was going to initially ignore this, but upon reading about your headaches…

Has anyone looked for a fluid build up in the back of your head? Or, not to scare you, but have you had a neurosurgeon specifically order you an MRI/CT and had the results examined by one of their radiologists? Sometimes, with an aneurysm, it can cause fluid build ups that present head aches as yours – constant, consistent, increasing & decreasing in density. Does it affect your hearing? Do you ever get tingling sensations in your hands?

I’ve seen several patients come into our office presenting symptoms like yours, and had gone to a million different places and were told they were just gunna have to live with the pain. However, we found them help. And there is help out there.

I’m no professional, I’m just an MA, I haven’t gone to school for a million years, nor have I the experience to answer your pain. However, I know what direction to send you in, if you ever feel inspired to find medical help again.

There is always hope.


I have scoliosis. People bitch about back pain constantly; seriously people, the curvature of your spine isn’t contorting into a twizzler, you’ll survive.

But eventually the pain becomes something that becomes a part of you. Without pain…I’m not sure what I’d be. It’s as much a part of me as an organ. The constant pain reminds you you’re alive. Bittersweet. But you’re not alone.

I don’t suffer from headaches as constant as yours, but I am plagued with migraines that make me want to throw myself off a bridge into Arctic waters.

I wish you luck, fellow human.