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Anonymous # Posted on January 23, 2013 at 9:09 pm

do you feel like there was a particular event that triggered all of that?

i ask bc ive been through a similar phase- and i know there was this one confrontation that made me have panic attacks which worsened the way that i felt about myself- heightened my self-consciousness, got me to think non-stop about the way that ppl see me- and as a result, i just had a very hard time expressing myself.

like you said, it can be boiled down to fear. what ive been doing is using outlets- paint, take pictures, sing, write, cook, sew. do something that speaks to you. if you cant let it out with words, maybe theyre not supposed to be words yet (or at all). find a medium you can use to express what you cant let out with words- even if its emptiness, you can portray that.

also- maybe take an improv. theatre class. push yourself to step out of your comfort zone- its the only way to overcome the fear – confront the bastard.