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Anonymous # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 6:28 pm

Love it.
Its not dangerous, there have been many people who go on for months taking kratom and have no side effects. A similar plant, Kava, has been reported to cause liver & kidney damage, so it may be that kratom isn’t good.

I take it a lot, or have in the past. Its really great stuff, not really habit forming in my opinion, took it nearly every day for a solid week, when it was all gone I didn’t really care.

Do not allow him to DRINK within 24 hours of taking it. This can be habit forming & may be damaging to liver & kidneys, but I don’t think kratom alone is very bad for you… but I could be wrong, not many studies on it. I used to mix it with my coffee (absolutely terrible, vile taste) and that got me through even the most boring days.