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A.O.N.O. # Posted on June 3, 2012 at 5:25 am

I used to feel like this most of the time, so I completely understand what you mean… Until it occurred to me that it’s very disrespectful for me to keep living the way I did – pretending I had a lot in common with people I never really related to. It was disrespectful to myself – because I wasted my time on pointless conversations, and disrespectful to the others too – because I was basically lying to their face that I was genuinely interested in them, when I wasn’t. Even if they seemed stupid, shallow people to me, who was I to deny them the honesty every human being deserves to be treated with?
So I set things straight by trimming away everybody like that, despite my fear of eventually having no-one left – and now, I have very few, but very good friends that I’m proud of knowing.
I may not be quoting the exact words, but in this movie, “World’s Greatest Dad”, one of the characters said that “The worst thing in the world is not ending up all alone. The worst thing in the world is ending up with people that make you feel like you’re all alone.” I couldn’t agree more.