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Manimal # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 11:40 am


I’m glad you liked it, I appreciate the encouragement and feedback. This will be covered in the book I’m writing, which I will publish hopefully next year. Though there are already books covering this stuff.

Comprehension level is relative and subjective, and its importance is much lower than that of teachability (open-mindedness and willingness to learn.) The latter is ever-fluctuating if not watched, and it is directly lowered by things like expectations, clinging to previous “knowledge” and opinions/feelings about the person presenting the info.
I don’t mean to point any fingers, but judging by the points you made in our last debate, you seem to do the latter one a lot (all that stuff about “tone of voice” and so on, it implies that you’re too attached to how things are being presented. It drops teachability down very low, due to closing the mind. This theory about mind-closing and teachability is scientifically validated, as even the slightest feelings of “hostility” release norepinephrince which directly causes “close-midedness”)

I repeat, I do not mean to offend you or accuse you of anything. (Why do I even have to say that? Why do people get offended so easily? It’s unreasonable.)

This stuff about teachability is so key to fast learning, and to wide learning. There is no “good” or “bad” comprehension level of information, it’s mostly about how one handles the info. REALLY. I had a thread about teachability and learning in the past, it got really popular but it was deleted for some stupid reason.

I guess the key lesson here is: Whenever your attention is on the person presenting the info, or his/her “tone,” you miss a lot of information. When you think about stuff, the same thing happens. If you want to learn more, pay more attention to the info and disregard the other stuff.

Because really, the only difference in “comprehension level” between that last post of mine, and other posts of mine, is that this one used less “offensive” words. Take a look for yourself, compare them and this is the only real difference you will find.

And believe it or not, but this stuff ties in closely with the law of attraction stuff. It’s very much on topic. Remember, whatever is in your mind multiplies. When you miss info, your auto-pilot will ignore more info. When you get upset about something, your auto-pilot will find more reasons to get upset.

That’s how being upset really works. You FIND reasons to get upset, to validate your ego’s previous behaviour and keep it going. When you’re upset, fundamentally it’s because of YOU and nobody else.
And whenever you do it, you attract more of it. Whenever you blame it on others, you attract more ways to blame things on others. Whenever you defend or justify your behaviour, you attract more opportunities to do so. Whenever you deny what you did, you attract more denial of truth.

Whenever you say the responsibility is someone else’s (such as this comprehension level stuff) you find more ways to hold others responsible (thus lowering your own resonsibility and thereby your power/authority/initiative/freedom/call-it-what-you-want, your self-reliance and all that jazz.)

It’s easy to overlook these things, and you’ve been taught over and over to do just that, overlook the basic fundamental truths. And you’ve been taught to get upset and close your mind down when presented with something you don’t like. And you’ve been taught to like certain things (like supplication, aka “being nice”) and dislike certain other things (“offensive” non-sugarcoated expression.)

And thereby, you’ve been taught how to attract a certain way of being, a certain general outline for lifestyle and situation, a certain attitude toward people, etc. And as long as you keep feeding those mental patterns, they keep growing, “attracting more.”

In every moment, the choice is yours. Choose wisely.