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Jeslyn # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 2:01 pm


Ok, good points yet again. I’m referencing comprehension from the fact that I was a crew leader for 16-19 year olds out in the woods for 5 weeks at a time for 5 months doing trail and conservation work-as well as an educational component every day (science, environment, conflict resolution) and what I meant by a high level of comprehension, is simplification. There is a way to present material and ideas that will be understandable by a wider range of people. I am not placing responsibility on them, not at all.

Responsibility on myself, and others who do have valuable things to share and the ability to share them.

Also, I do not blame you, I do not get upset when talking to you. On the contrary despite my opinion of your personality–when you speak logical truth I still recognize and respect it, and critically analyze it.

I think your idea of me, my own intellect, and personality on this webesite-can be too literal. The words I use are meant to cover vague ideas sometimes. Comprehension, simplification. The word comprehension was not meant to be taken to it’s literal extreme meaning.

I was definitely encompassing teachability. I do like that word. But that also depends on your audience. With the stuff you’ve been sayin here–I think simplifying it to a point where understanding can be achieved by the largest audience possible would be beneficial.

You’re lack of offensive words/satirical sarcastic examples, as well as logical bluntness, work well here. Just wanted to point that out.

Perhaps, also, sidenote- just maybe, I think we are beginning to more accurately understand each other–so that’s kind of cool.