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Dom # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 9:33 am

@manimal, no fair, I wanted antichrist!

Just wanted to add that while I 100% agree with you, I don’t think people should ever shy from the magical or unexplainable.

In contemplating levitation… what if movement itself is the mind shifting to extremely similar parallel realities?
In contemplating manifesting out of thin air… what if energy couldn’t be created or destroyed, but transformed?

They might not achieve the initial starry-eyed wishes, but if some of those what if’s turned out to be true and proven, it’d have a serious real effect on the reality we live in. The only difference between crazy and genius is that genius knows it’s crazy.

Anything’s possible, but not everything’s probable or relevant. Sometimes impossible and silly hopes are those fingers pointing ways to the moon. :)