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Dom # Posted on August 26, 2012 at 10:15 pm

@martijn, I agree wholly with what you’re saying. I feel like it’s some magical take on what is a very logical process of cause and effect we don’t yet understand, and shouldn’t be taken at face value. Thoughts and beliefs do effect our mood, which effect our actions, which we know can truly create change. So you could say thoughts create reality, but to what degree is the question.

Like @chlomo, says, there are times I’ve experienced coincidences that are way too freaky to ignore, and the possibility is there that some part of the universe is intently listening to my inner thoughts.

@udntnome, that’s the tricky part with this concept. According to it, if you believe it works it does, if you believe it doesnt it won’t. It’s all subjective in the end.

It was my first nose dive into inner growth, and I’m really interested to hear what other HEthens have to say on the topic