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ashtonbrainwavelove # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 1:24 am

@manimal, I think your point about ‘questioning’ is spot on. Again, questioning is part of being Aware I believe.

@triplemind, if you like to word it this way – yes, being truthful takes you out of the ‘manipulation zone’ in a way. Although, if manipulation is your aim, you can do it without saying lies, too. You need to be smarter, but you can do it! So, it really depends what your purpose is!

@mlandwirth, I do agree with you, thank you for your input!

@mercurial, @drunkmonkmeth, @justgoing, @udntnome, thank you all for your input! It was really interesting for me to read all these thoughts and explore the subject through the eyes of other people.