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LiveItLoveIt # Posted on October 30, 2013 at 6:05 am


I was put on Citalopram when I was 18 for depression and anxiety. The medication wrecked my sex drive and made it nearly impossible to have an orgasm. I experienced nausea and an inability to focus. When I smoked marijuana, I would be high for about 5 minutes and then be back to baseline and tired. In fact, all the time I just felt baseline. For me Citalopram made me never really feel a whole lot of anything. i felt like a zombie and my personality was robbed from me. My friends noticed changes in my behavior as well. I ran out and my appointment to refill was cancelled by the school I was going to. I ended up quitting taking it cold turkey which made me feel like I was insane and sparks were going off in my brain.


I’m sure your doctor has mentioned some of these side effects, but my doctor barely told me anything about what I was going to be taking and just wrote me a scrip to push me through his office.

I tried alternative remedies and found GREAT results from using Kava tea, valerian root, and marijuana. I have since tried to pair stretching and breathing practices with meditation which I believe is one of the most beneficial practices you can take on.

It can be challenging at first and you may not feel like you are seeing any results, but if you keep at it, it can change your life.