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Anonymous # Posted on October 19, 2013 at 3:54 pm

Two nights and days went by okay, slept like a baby last night, did have a few to drink for a birthday though, may of been able to keep the focus on-going. Will give it a week and then try for 3 days, another week and 4 days etc etc.

First-World-Problem I was encountering during the second night was the boredom card popping up, body was effectively off, consciousness still doing it’s thing in the cleared mind state and train of thought ventured onto technology, and eventually onto the console in my room and my overwhelming desire to want to cut the meditation session early and play gta5 for a bit, despite my best objections as to my need for the rest state. hah
Was able to override, but took up at least 20% of the session, very consuming to shake, am thinking after 3 or 4 days games would take up a lot higher percentage unless I can skip past that sequence when I notice it starting up.

Fuck, can we just fast-forward a few generations till there is some form of like fucking hat to assist with thought suppression for meditative purposes. That shit would be boss.