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ELizard # Posted on January 24, 2013 at 11:31 am

@theskafish, I agree with the alcohol, cid lasts way longer and than alcohol and the depressant feeling 5-8 hours after drinking is not a good combo, waiting till later is a great idea tho forsure.

@s7221919, Ive had nightmarish experience candyflip with alcohol.. learned a hell of a lot about the darker side of reality ha ill never forget.

Kava kava is a good combo also with MAO activity that in theory can boost the psychedelia, I tried shrooms with yohimbe last weekend and that was rad! I love combos, kratom mix with yohimbe (great combo alone, kratom lasts alot longer with much less of a crash) and a psych is gonna be my next experiment. Its important to be comfortable and informed with each substance by itself before mixing it with something.