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cheeky # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 9:46 pm

This is a great topic! Capitalism completely disregards the environment and I can completely relate to your concerns. Working for a Real Estate company, I have conflicted interests because we develop the environment etc. Fortunately, the company is great in other ways.

However, my biggest problem is finding a business that incorporates all facets of what I deem important. If you are feeling something; try not to focus on the “what-ifs”. This takes actual space and energy from what your vision could be. If you feel it, run with it. This could be your shot! If not, then you won’t have any regrets because you tried.

Personally, I think everything should be free, for everyone. These are planetary resources and should be used for the health and well being of everyone on it. If there was no money any longer, most people I know would still do something because you’d be bored off your ass if you weren’t challenged.

Can you imagine the resources that are used toward keeping track of money and sales? Its the most wasteful allocation of energy and does not even begin to address the environment. People bitch about “well he doesn’t work hard as I do so he doesn’t deserve what I have” Personally, I don’t really care how hard someone works or doesn’t work. We should only care if others are having a good life. If they are not, than I am concerned and want to help them.

In Managerial Economics, there is a concept called “The Point Of Diminishing Returns”. This is the point where adding too many resources begins to take away from the benefit that adding resources once did. It would seem this could be applied to most governmental and corporate entities. Were wasting too many resources with not enough practical outcome. What if we re-purposed those sales folks to be in R&D; What if we turned our military into nation builders; what if we inspired the welfare folks to be productive?

Additionally, as we are beginning to see, most things are becoming free in some form or another (entertainment, education, mechanized labor, etc). With so many things becoming free, I don’t see how it can be sustained long term.

Hope I didn’t get too far off topic :)